Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

MTI is available to take your call and provide services 24/7, including holidays.

Are your services nationwide?


How can I request your services?

You can request services by phone at 800-553-2155, by fax at 800-571-7255, by clicking on Refer Now on our home page, by logging into the Customer Service area on our home page and via EDI. We recommend you register under our client login area and benefit from the features offered.

Premium customers can request service by calling their premium dedicated number.

What features does your Customer Login Area offer?

Ability to submit new claimants and request for services quickly.
Ability to generate history report of your claimants date of services and services provided.
Ability to authorize and add new locations.

What type of transportation do you provide?

Ambulatory, wheelchair car and lift van, stretcher with BLS and ALS, air travel and accommodations, and bedsite to bedside air ambulance.

What languages do you provide?

All languages and dialects including sign language.

Can MTI secure last minute and rush assignments?

Yes, MTI has a very extensive network of service providers and can accommodate last minute requests.

Does MTI provide Equipment Banking?

Yes, MTI provides equipment banking for bankable items.

Does MTI automatically dispense products and dispatch drivers and interpreters?

No. MTI has a formal and systematic authorization process. All orders are verified and authorized before dispatching a driver and or interpreter.

What type of Vendor Background checks does MTI conduct?

DMV, criminal and OFAC.

Does MTI have a Disaster Recovery Program in place?

Yes, MTI has a Formal Business Continuity Plan which ensures uninterrupted service.