Utilization Management

Automated DME & Medical Equipment Management

Our Utilization Management Program ensures that rental items are actively being used during the recovery of the patient and retrieved when no longer necessary or used by the patient. Based on the patient’s feedback, our system triggers a request for extended authorization and medical necessity form from the prescribing physician. Our automated system triggers conversion of rentals to purchase after 10 months and request for extension authorization from treating physician/adjuster when prescriptions expire.

Equipment Banking

We offer our contracted clients medical equipment banking. Our banking and retrieval protocol is as follows:

alt tag  MTI monitors equipment use for select products, retrieves it when it’s no longer needed by an injured worker, and then refurbishes it for potential use later by the carrier. During this time MTI will store (“bank”) the equipment until needed by another injured worker. Bankable equipment such as high-end Tens units are bankable for the life of the product. Once a new injured worker needs an item that is available in your bank, MTI will send it to the claimant at no rental or purchase.

alt tag  The only cost incurred will be for retrieval of the equipment, refurbishing, and restocking.

alt tag  MTI will monitor the use of the equipment so that we can retrieve it as soon as the treatment is completed.